Minus Cal Net Worth 2023 – Are They Still in Business After Shark Tank?

Minus Cal Net Worth 2023 – Ever glanced at the myriad of products boasting weight management solutions? Add Minus Cal bars to that roster. Conceived by the innovative duo, Crom Carmichael and Barrett Jacques, They said their new protein bar could stop fat from being absorbed.

When they took their pitch to the Shark Tank arena, they departed without sealing the deal.

Minus Cal Net Worth 2023

Minus Cal Net Worth

In 2017, the innovative minds of Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael introduced MinusCal, a range of scientifically-backed snack bars and dietary supplements. By 2019, when they showcased their venture on Shark Tank USA’s 11th season, the valuation stood at an impressive $2.5 million. This figure was extrapolated from their proposed deal: $500,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake in MinusCal.

However, the sharks exhibited reticence. Some questioned the underlying premise, while others simply weren’t aligned with their concept.

Regrettably, post their televised appearance, MinusCal receded from the spotlight. Their digital footprints, encompassing their website and social platforms, faded, and their once-promising products vanished from the market.

MinusCal Pitch on Shark Tank

Company name MinusCal
Product science base snacks bar and diet tablets
Episode Season 11 Episode 01
Founders  Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael
Asked for $500,000 For 20% equity
Final deal None
Shark  None
Location USA

What is MinusCal?

Enter MinusCal: not just any protein bar, but one wielding the unique capability to block fat, thanks to its key ingredient, Choleve. Now, what’s Choleve, you ask? It’s a bespoke blend originating from fermented tea, and it stands at the vanguard of dietary supplements, purported to shunt fat from the foods it mingles with.

Enhancing MinusCal’s allure, this exclusive concoction, Choleve, is intertwined with various fruits, ensuring the bar is not just health-enhancing but a palate pleaser too.

Originally, Choleve was the knight in shining armor for those grappling with low cholesterol. However, whispers in the scientific corridors suggest its efficacy in aiding weight loss, making it a darling ingredient among other protein bar magnates.

Behind this avant-garde snack? Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael, visionaries who, in 2017, sought to arm consumers with a delectable tool to counteract fat and shed those pesky pounds.

Ponder this: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled that a staggering 93.3 million adults in the US were cloaked in the grip of obesity between 2015-16. It’s no surprise then, that a hefty 40% of Americans over 20 find themselves in a tussle with obesity.

Our dynamic duo, Jacques and Carmichael, took their groundbreaking product to the Shark Tank battleground in Season 11, Episode 1. Their pitch? A cool $500,000 for a slice of 20% equity, valuing their brainchild at an enviable $2.5 million.

Company Name MinusCal
Founder Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael
Founded 2017
Product science base snacks bar and diet tablets
Asked For $500,000 For 20% equity
Final Deal No Deals
Shark No Sharks
Episode (Shark Tank USA) S11 E1
Air Date Sep 29, 2019
Business Status In Business
Website Visit Website
Headquarters Greater Nashville Area, Tennessee, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales) $2M *estimated
Go To Amazon Buy Now
Watch On Amazon Prime

Who Is The Founder Of MinusCal?

Introducing the masterminds behind MinusCal: Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael, who set the foundation for this stellar supplement bar brand back in 2017.

Barrett Jacques

Wearing the title of Vice President with aplomb, Jacques isn’t new to the limelight. He graced the music industry as a recording artist under Sony Music Entertainment’s banner for a couple of years.

Beyond the melodies, he showcased his business acumen, steering the helm as Director of Business Development at prominent establishments like Nashai Biotech and MetaPhy Health.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of MinusCal?

Stepping onto the Shark Tank stage, Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael confidently sought a $500k investment for a 20% stake in their venture. Their pitch was delivered with such finesse that it seemed they were destined for success.

In a bid to demonstrate their product’s efficacy, they orchestrated an amusing demonstration, pitting “Choleve” against “Fat”. Carmichael was quick to clarify: Choleve isn’t just another chemical compound. It’s a naturally derived concoction from fermented tea, with prowess in cholesterol management when consumed as two pills before meals.

Robert Herjavec wasn’t impressed with its taste. However, Carmichael’s insistence on the product’s natural origins was met with skepticism from Mark Cuban, who pointed out that natural doesn’t necessarily equate to safe.

Cuban zeroed in on a claim, insinuated by their branding, that consuming two pills could potentially offset 100 calories. Jacques was quick to dispute this, but Cuban highlighted the message on their T-shirt: “minus-cal”.

As the conversation heated up, Daniel Lubetzky inquired about their marketing strategy. Before a full answer could be proffered, Cuban interjected with a smirk, suggesting that “minus cal” itself was the strategy. Continuing on this line of thought, Cuban dismissed the innovation, suggesting it wasn’t the product but merely its branding that was novel.

Robert chimed in, equating their investment proposition to “investing in the air”. The back-and-forth between Carmichael and Cuban grew more intense, with Carmichael standing his ground, emphasizing the product’s merits.

Lubetzky, preferring tangible sustenance, declared he was out. Kevin O’Leary couldn’t justify the valuation for a startup and opted out. Lori Grainer, unfamiliar with Choleve, took a pass. A visibly frustrated Robert Herjavec expressed confusion over the business model and decided to step back. Mark Cuban had the final word, advising viewers to steer clear of the product and officially bowing out.

The verdict? MinusCal left the Shark Tank without a deal in hand.

What Happened To MinusCal After Shark Tank?

Mark was rather hard on “MinusCal” during its Shark Tank appearance, launching his critiques even before the founders could finish their pitch. His stern words culminated in him advising the episode’s viewers against purchasing the product.

Subsequent to the episode’s airing, the public sentiment leaned favorably towards Robert and Kevin, while Mark’s approach drew flak.

A peek into Barrett Jacques’ LinkedIn reveals that MinusCal ceased operations in 2019. Subsequent to this venture, Jacques embarked on a new journey with MetaPhy Health, taking the reins as Director of Business Development, a role he relinquished in 2022.

MinusCal Shark Tank Update 2023

During their Shark Tank appearance, a protein bar venture faced early criticism from Mark, even before they could wrap up their pitch. Sadly, none of the sharks bit, choosing not to invest.

Fast forward to the close of 2019, the company folded. Now, a visit to minuscal.com reveals a dormant site.

Minus Cal Net Worth 2023

On Shark Tank, MinusCal’s valuation stood at a cool $2.5 million, as shared by its founder. Interestingly, no revenue specifics came to light during the pitch.

The company faced scrutiny on the show, with a considerable number of viewers expressing skepticism afterward.

Over the years, Shark Tank has seen its share of ventures that didn’t quite pass muster. Notably, ventures in the weight loss and health sectors often find themselves under the lens of skepticism.

Is MinusCal Still In Business in 2023?

MinusCal has ceased operations since 2019 and is no longer active in the market. After wrapping up the venture, the founder transitioned to a different company.

Previously, MinusCal operated out of the Greater Nashville region in Tennessee, United States, with a modest team of between 2 and 5 personnel. It’s been confirmed that since 2019, “MinusCal” has shut its doors.


  • What’s MinusCal All About?

MinusCal presents itself as a scientifically informed snack bar and tablet label, touting its prowess in aiding weight loss endeavors.

  • Curious about the brains behind MinusCal?

Enter Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael, the visionary duo who breathed life into MinusCal back in 2017.

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