Blowzee Net Worth 2023

Blowzee Net Worth 2023 – People who want to know about the blowzee shark tank update can read this in-depth guide and more details about the business, equity, success, founders, failure and more.

The Blowzee is a torch flame extinguisher toy. This product is used at kids’ birthday parties. Children can extinguish the candle fire with the support of this toy.

On blowing into this toy, the plastic fan in front starts circling and the candle flame is extinguished by its air. This Exciting Product founder Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau Appear on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 13 Asking The Sharks For $100,000 For 20% Equity.

Blowzee Net Worth 2023

Blowzee Net Worth 2023

Regarding this product, the founder says that this birthday is a superior celebration in which the cake is also cut.

We appreciate the candle which is on the cake through the mouth, because of this, the germs in the mouth in the cake also come into the cake. If you want to know more about Blowzee After Shark Tank then read this article carefully.

What is the Blowzee?

The Blowzee one appreciates is a celebrated toy that looks like a fan but it is solving a problem. The manner in which this COVID-19 had overwhelmed the whole world, is an awful thing. People have become very aware of their health now, they are doing each and every work with great care. When it comes to children’s birthday festivities, then every parent must have this thought in their mind. On the day of the birthday, the candle which will be on the cake has to be printed by blowing it through your mouth.

Now, due to the blowing of the candle, this cake might contain germs, so those people who eat that cake at the same marriage party might have germs in their bodies. So, the solution to this thing was it The Blowzee does it act like an admirer If a child closes the candle through this, then their germ does not go into the cake.

Blowzee defends people from spreading germs while blowing out the candles on a cake. Studies have shown that raging out candles can rise the number of germs on a cake by 1400%! This product has an average price of $11.99 and is accessible on the Amazon website as well as in different retail stores Wegmans, Publix, Party City, Target, and Walmart.

Company Name The Blowzee
Founder Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau
Founded 2020
Business protects people from spreading germs
Asked For $100,000 for 20% Equity
Final Deal No Deals
Shark No Shark
Episode (Shark Tank USA) S13 E13
Air Date Jan 28, 2022
Business Status In Business
Website Visit Website
Headquarters US
Go To Amazon Buy Now

The Blowzee Before Shark Tank

The Blowzee started on January 2020, Apelt and more than 44 of his friends went to a child’s birthday party In where he saw that the child is puffing in a candle. The risk of spreading this germ increases meaningfully, so to solve this problem, Two Helpers invested $5,000 at the start of the startup.

They had established more than 10,000 orders at the time of launch. They have so far manufactured more than 100,000 orders. The creator is presently in talks with retailers in out-of-country countries such as Canada, Brazil, Portugal, and the United Kingdom regarding this product.

The founder of The Blowzee has pitched their product to the Shark in Shark Tank in a smart and smart way. Shark asked the founder numerous questions about this product so they could understand it better. The founder has demanded $100,000 in exchange for 20% equity in their corporation.

What Happened To The Blowzee After Shark Tank?

After the arrival of The Blowzee in Shark Tank, their marketing has been done for free and people are penetrating about it on Google. Due to this being a fun and problem-solving product, people want to know more about it. Therefore, now its sales have also enhanced a lot.

After this episode of Shark Tank aired, this company’s product sales also amplified. There are many parents who are attentive to purchasing this product. Numerous Reddit users have shared their views about this product, some users say. Now, as of January 2023, the Blowzee Birthday Fan is out of stock on both their website and Amazon.

The Blowzee Shark Tank Update

This episode of Shark Tank aired on Jan 28, 2022, and within just 2 hours all the Blowzee products were sold out. This is an enormous achievement for a starting startup.

This product has been featured in numerous media publications with the New York Post, KidNuz, Real Simple, and a lot more. We’re following Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau with their corporation for more info.

How to use The Blowzee?

FAQs (frequently asked questions):

  • What Is the Blowzee Net Worth?

Blowzee is valued to be worth $500k. This company has a very good sell rate but this product will not last all the time. This product is currently priced at $11.99. There is a $1.99 shipping charge. Shipping is simply free if you order 4 units.

  • Is Blowzee Still in Business?

Certainly, Blowzee is still in business as of January 2023.

  • Did Blowzee get a deal on Shark Tank?

Not at all, Blowzee didn’t get the deal on Shark Tank.

  • How much is a blowzee?

The Blowzee costs around $11.99.

Who Is the Founder of The Blowzee?

This startup is the title of the co-founder of The Blowzee, Mark Apelt, he took this business idea forward while freeing his son’s problem. This product is mostly used for birthday celebrations and is a challenging product.


The Blowzee is a torch flame extinguisher toy. This product is used at kids’ birthday parties. Children can extinguish the candle fire with the support of this toy. On blowing into this toy, the plastic fan in front starts circling and the candle flame is extinguished by its air. 

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