Wendy’s GNome Shop Net Worth & Latest Update 2023

Wendy’s GNome Shop Net Worth & Latest Update 2023 – Spearheading the realm of gnome creation is the North Carolina-based Wendy’s Gnome Shop, a business etching its name in the niche industry of gnome designing. Gnomes, mythical creatures known for their protective spirit over earthly treasures, have garnered significant mention in European folklore.

First seen in the gardens of England in 1840, these enchanting beings have managed to secure their popularity through centuries, often symbolizing good fortune.

Wendy’s GNome Shop Net Worth & Latest Update 2023

Wendy's GNome Shop Net Worth

The Genesis of Wendy’s Gnome Shop

Founded by Wendy Hoffmeister in November 2019, the genesis of Wendy’s Gnome Shop was the culmination of a passionate hobby. Wendy’s enthusiasm for gnomes was reciprocated by her daughter, Amber, who has since joined her on this magical journey.

The duo’s ingenuity shone brightly on the national stage when Wendy made her appearance in Shark Tank’s Season 13 Episode 8. She stepped onto the platform with a proposal of $200,000 for a 20% equity stake in her gnome empire, valued at $1 Million.

An Insight into Wendy’s Gnome Shop

Crafting gnomes of unique designs, Wendy’s Gnome Shop employs a distinct approach. They use Styrofoam Cones to sculpt gnomes adorned with boots, while the bootless counterparts are crafted from firm cardboard complemented by a wooden base.

However, these exquisite creations serve more as artistic home decor than playthings, weighing approximately half a pound each and priced between $25 and $60. All the products are made in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A Brief Overview of the Company

  • Name: Wendy’s Gnome Shop
  • Founder: Wendy Hoffmeister
  • Founded: Nov 2019
  • Product: Small business Gnome Maker
  • Offered: $200k for a 20% equity
  • Final Deal: $200k for a 30% equity
  • Investor: Daymond John
  • Shark Tank Appearance: S13 E8, Dec 10, 2021
  • Current Business Status: Operational
  • Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
  • Estimated Sales: $1.9M

The Founder: Wendy Hoffmeister

Wendy Hoffmeister, an enterprising woman with a passion for creativity and folklore, is the mastermind behind the innovative enterprise known as Wendy’s Gnome Shop. Hailing from North Carolina, Hoffmeister brought a distinct flair to the entrepreneurial landscape with her unique, character-filled gnome creations.

Professionally, Hoffmeister is a seasoned Labor and Delivery Nurse with considerable experience under her belt. Yet, it was her deep-seated love for crafting and a resolute drive to pursue the passion that led her to establish Wendy’s Gnome Shop.

Before Hoffmeister delved into the realm of gnome-making, she spent a significant part of her career in the healthcare industry. Hoffmeister started as a Registered Nurse at Tampa General Hospital, where she worked for two years. Following this, she served for four years at Kaiser Permanente, gaining vital experience and honing her nursing skills. She later moved on to an Assistant Nurse Manager’s role at the same institution, a position she held for another two years.

While juggling her demanding profession, Hoffmeister began exploring her hobby of crafting, specifically in the creation of gnome figures. The end of a significant relationship in 2019 spurred her on to immerse herself in this hobby, which subsequently turned into a thriving business venture.

Hoffmeister’s first gnome creation, listed on Etsy, sold the very next day. Encouraged by this early success, Hoffmeister decided to establish her venture, giving birth to Wendy’s Gnome Shop. Her creative ideas and unique designs made her gnomes a hit, not just in the United States but globally.

In this journey, Hoffmeister’s daughter, Amber, has been an integral part of the business. Also a nurse by profession, Amber has joined her mother full-time, making gnomes and contributing to the growth of Wendy’s Gnome Shop.

Hoffmeister’s entrepreneurial journey was catapulted to new heights when she pitched her company on Shark Tank’s 13th season, gaining considerable attention and subsequently securing an investment from Shark Daymond John.

Here is a brief bio table about Wendy Hoffmeister:

Bio Details Wendy Hoffmeister
Professional Title Founder and CEO of Wendy’s Gnome Shop
Other Profession Labor and Delivery Nurse
Past Professional Experience Registered Nurse at Tampa General Hospital (2 years), Nurse at Kaiser Permanente (4 years), Assistant Nurse Manager at Kaiser Permanente (2 years)
Business Established November 2019
Shark Tank Appearance Season 13, Episode 8
Shark Tank Deal $200,000 for a 30% equity stake, secured with Daymond John
Notable Achievements Top gnome seller on Etsy; has sold more than 29,153 products as of December 2022
Current Business Status In Business, operating out of Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Personal Life Mother of Amber, who is also a full-time gnome maker in the business


Wendy Hoffmeister’s story underscores the potential that lies in following one’s passion. Her journey from being a professional nurse to a successful entrepreneur is a testament to her dedication, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

What is Wendy’s GNome Shop Net Worth?

On Shark Tank, Wendy’s Gnome Shop initially sought an investment based on a valuation of $1 million. However, they successfully secured funding at a reduced valuation of approximately $666k. Demonstrating a profitable business model, the company reported net earnings of $150,000 during its appearance on the show.

At present, the company’s website features a selection of gnome-themed items, including boots, noses, bodies, and cone-shaped bodies, all available for purchase as unique accessories.

Pre-Shark Tank Journey of Wendy’s Gnome Shop

Launched in 2019 as a therapeutic hobby after a personal setback, Wendy’s Gnome Shop began by shipping their uniquely designed gnomes across the United States and internationally. Starting on Etsy, Wendy was overwhelmed by the response when her first gnome was sold the next day. This early success paved the way for the business to expand its footprint, selling over 20,000 units of gnome products by May 2021.

The Shark Tank Pitch of Wendy’s Gnome Shop

Entering the Shark Tank, Wendy successfully presented her business model. She revealed that 15% of their sales were driven by their website, with the rest through other sales channels. The cost of producing each gnome was about $3.50, while the retail price was around $35.

Their customer acquisition cost was remarkably low at $5. Wendy’s Gnome Shop, after operating for 18 months, had made lifetime sales of $688,000, establishing her as a top gnome seller on Etsy with 23,000 units sold.

Her initial investment in the business was less than $1,000, but the business had already netted a margin of $135,000 in 2020. Hoffmeister revealed that by the end of 2021, she was anticipating revenues of $750,000 and net profits of $150,000. Despite some sharks opting out of the deal, Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran showed interest. Ultimately, Daymond invested $200,000 for a 30% equity stake in Wendy’s Gnome Shop.

The Journey Post Shark Tank

Post their Shark Tank appearance, the company saw an explosion of orders, a testament to their growing popularity. The company’s sales, which were previously between 10 to 100 gnomes, surged to selling over a thousand units every day.

The product demand was so high that by December 18, 2022, they were out of stock on Etsy. Wendy promised her customers a return on January 1, 2023, with Valentine’s Day themed gnomes.

The Current Status of Wendy’s Gnome Shop

Despite Mark Cuban’s skepticism about the business exceeding $10 million, Wendy’s Gnome Shop continues to flourish, with a significant surge in sales post-Shark Tank. The company is currently focusing on increasing its website sales, which was previously dominated by third-party platforms.

The company’s current valuation is around $666k, with Wendy’s Gnome Shop continuing to be profitable. They have even introduced a Gnome of the Month Club in December 2022, with a monthly subscription cost of $25.

With four dedicated workers, this gnome empire, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is still very much in business, and as of December 2022, they had sold 29,153 products on Etsy. The future appears to be promising for Wendy Hoffmeister and her delightful gnome business.

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